"Architecture is no more single man's business, it is a team effort."

Despite the strong leadership of the firm, it has been never overshadowed by single thought in its working and in its output. Each part of work is carried out by experts of that field. Every project is headed by a different leader and each project is divided in segments, making a particular person responsible for a particular segment and later all the ideas are clubbed together to develop a new concept .The strongest feature of this firm is that it is a golden combination of architects, structural engineers & other experts. They complement each other and support other's ideas strongly.

The main reason for popularity among public, is providing its services at the earliest and it is almost being proved that it can do any work in no time, as compared to other service agencies
Any new project is started from formulating design briefs by an expert section and that includes study of all governing factors to the project viz . Site Conditions, Socio-cultural background, socio-economic factors and the viability of the project. Considering all these factors, proposal for the project are made with due contributions from experts of related areas. A joint discussion within the organization are compulsory before meeting with the client . This ensures accuracy of design, clarity of ideas and time saving for both the client and the project. All new ideas are welcomed and outcome is productive for the project. The process is repeated until the client is factors to the project.
After finalizing sketch proposal it is given to drafting segment, where all working drawings produced, in concern of previous two segments.
In the execution stage, the firm employs its experts for supervision who direct the contractors at every stage , interpret and explain the drawings, correlate them with different consultants ,agencies and ensure smooth and time –bound execution of the project . This long sequence of getting the specialized jobs completed by experts under their supervision has brought appreciation and overwhelming response.

Design Approach :- DMA is a professionally managed organization that specializes in Housing and Town Planning projects. Our designs are the outcome of a careful thought process keeping in view the land parameters, its locations and the client requirement. We conceptualize the projects keeping in view the practical merits, feasibility and economics. Our projects reflect clear segregation and optimum integration of interior and exterior spaces and we put utmost emphasis on sustainable and environment friendly designing.

Effective Time Management:- We respect time by making the full use of it. Almost all of the projects taken up by our organization are completed well within the time framework as agreed upon between us and our clients. We don't believe in deadline cliché, our commitment with the clients are our main source of motivation resulting in long term and repeated association with them.

Strong Infrastructure:- We have a strong infrastructure and skilled professionals to see through all the major and minor projects with ease. Our network with various resource persons across NCR and other parts of India makes us a extremely capable of developing exemplary projects.

Experienced Campaigners:- We proudly present ourselves as an organization with an experience of more than 25 years of work in the field of architecture specially in the field of Group housing and Town planning. Our proficiency in residential projects have been very well received and recognized over the years. Our main concentration is on developing housing projects and we have given excellent results to our clients.

Experience of Byelaws:- Since we specialize in housing our experience of working with changing byelaws makes its impact on the project as our advices to the clients bring them maximum financial benefits. We use our expertise while carving out magnificent yet practical designs in any given area. Our involvement in shaping of byelaws with the authorities not only gives insight of the latest byelaws but also results in financial gains to the client by using this knowledge to the benefit of the clients.

Authority Liasoning :- Since our office is already involved as a consultant to various authorities for their own projects we have a high level of coordination with the authorities. For our clients it's a single window clearance from all relevant departments/authorities/institutions from our office.

Efficient Coordination:- In order to avoid any changes in the later stages of the project, we strive for consistent coordination between all the concerned decision makers (client and consultants) at the initial stages of the project which not only helps in early and smooth completion of the project but leads to saving of cost/time.

Supervision :- During our periodic visit to site written statements of observations at site are given about the quality and implementation of drawings and successive follow up of the observation during the next visit. This is apart from the coordination meetings at site with all consultants periodically to sort out construction issues, if any.